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1 TON COOL ONLY DAIKIN AC (FFRN35CXV1) latest Price in Pakistan. Yehprice offers one of the best price results in the market. In this model, Daikin provides a series of specifications. Here below is one by one.

Compact Unit Design

(600mm)(600mm) Ceiling Case C Series body dimension is only 570mm x 570mm, which can easily fit into a 600mm ceiling grid, which allows being able to install in tight ceiling spaces.

Low starting Current.

With the ability to modulate the compressor speed, the compressor motor does not require high current during startup.

Sleep Mode

 Sleep mode ensures a comfortable environment for restful sleep. Depending on the method, the set temperature is increased/decreased gradually according to regular sleeping temperature patterns.

Self diagnoses

This intelligent feature helps to detect faults or malfunctioning in the system and give the user a warning by blinking of the LED lights.

Compact & Easy-to-Use Handset

  • Prominent 40mm LCD display
  • Real-time clock display.
  • Dedicated buttons for Quiet and Turbo functions.


Our Ceiling Cassette is provided with ‘air discharge’ and ‘air intake’ knock out hole for duct connection.

Fresh Air intake

Keeps the introducing of fresh air intake within 20% of total air flow

Branch Duct Connection

Improves airflow distribution when there is an obtrusion. Allows being used for air conditioning of two rooms simultaneously.

Easier maintain.

The condition of the drain pan and drain water can be checked by removing the drain plug and suction grille


  • 4 Way Air Discharge
  • Excellent Air Distribute on
  • Compact Unit Design
  • Built-In High Head Drain Pump
  • Mount with BC20CXW Decorate Panel
  • Sleep Mode › Self Diagnosis
  • Wireless Handset BRC52A62 Is Supplied As Standard

Technical Specifications:

Indoor Model nameFFRN25CXV1FFRN35CXV1FFRN50CXV1
Outdoor model nameRN25CXVIRN35CXVIRN50CXVI
Nominal Cooling capacityBtu/h95001250017500
Nominal EERW/W3.092.823.03
      indoorPower supplyV/Ph/Hz220-240/1/50220-240/1/50
Air FlowCFM410/360/330410/360/330410/360/330
Sound Pressure leveldBA41/38/3548/31/3444/31/37
Height (with panel)mm250[295]250[295]250[295]
Width (with panel)mm570[640]570[640]570[640]
Depth (with panel)mm570[640]570[640]570[640]
Net Weight (with panel)kg16[18]16[18]16[18]
    outdoor            Power supplyV/Ph/Hz220-240/1/50220-240/1/50
Sound Pressure leveldBA464952
Net Weightkg283047
Pipe connecone-lequidmm6.356.356.35
Pipe connecone-lenghtmm9.5212.7012.70
Piping lengthm121215
Piping elevationm558

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