Daikin (FTKP35PRV16) 1 Ton


₨120,000.00 (3 Years Compressor & 1 Year Parts)

1 Ton Daikin Inverter Split Air Conditioner.


1 Ton Daikin Inverter Split Air Conditioner Latest price in Pakistan. We are the best for providing accurate information according to the market. You are in the right place. We can tell you about the description, specs, and features related to this product.

Daikin air conditioners are the best product in the market, which has a superior comfort level and higher efficiency level towards saving electricity. Research says Daikin 5DC technology saves up to 75% electricity.

Daikin has a series of experiences related to this industry. In Pakistan, Daikin is known for the corporate sector. Every Second office has a Daikin inverter. Significant commercial and residential air conditioners market share Daikin has.

As we know, there are two types of inverter available in the market. One of them is AC inverter, and one of them is DC inverter. Here below, some of the Advantages of DC inverter mention below.

Advantages of the Inverter Technology:

  • Superior Comfort
  • Powerful Operation
  • Higher Efficiency
  • Better Energy Savings
  • Low Starting Current:
  • Inverter air conditioners are designed to modulate the compressor speed which helps in achieving a low starting torque
  • Dry Mode:
  • Keeping the room dehumidified while maintaining room temperature.
  • Turbo Mode:
  • Instant Cooling with highest fan speed for immediate comfort


  • 5DC Full Inverter Air Conditioner
  • R410 Refrigerant
  • Heat & Cool
  • Automatic vertical swing
  • 4-way air discharge
  • Made in Malaysia

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