Apple Presents its New Macs MacBook Air and MacBook Pro and Mac Mini and the M1 Chip

Apple MacBook Air and MacBook Pro and Mac Mini and M1 Chip

Apple MacBook Air and MacBook Pro and Mac Mini and M1 Chip

Today Apple has held a new product presentation event in which they announce the arrival of the new generation of macOS devices with a special novelty; its new processor chip, the M1. Both the new MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro and Mac mini will include this new processor. Apple MacBook Air and MacBook Pro and Mac Mini and M1 Chip, Which provides them with a speed much higher than previous versions as well. As a performance that has proven to be superior in all aspects. Offering the possibility of obtaining that up to Hora is the device in Apple’s macOS range with the longest autonomy to date. MacBook Pro with 20 hours in total.

Mac M1

M1 is how Apple has decided to call the first properly designed processor for its range of Mac devices. This new chip, which is part of the Apple Silicon project. Is part of the new era of the company and offers technology at the height of the same with an 8-core CPU and a GPU to match that provide not only superior graphics performance. But overall efficiency and performance that exceeds expectations. It currently has the fastest CPU core in the world and includes 4 identical ones. So its integrated graphics and its 16-core neural engine also see their power increased.

This is combined with the update of Apple’s operating system to Big Sur and makes its new equipment have much higher performance. If we compare it with what has been seen so far since it includes a greater graphic memory. An increased battery, better benefits for security. More optimize applications and superior graphics performance for the performance of games and programs in general.

Mac News

With this new chip, new devices also arrive, as has happened with the new MacBook Air. Which integrates 5 times faster graphics in all aspects of them. While also increasing the speed of its neural motor and its SSD storage system. Which are combined with the Big Sur operating system. The new M1 chip that in addition to offering power includes improving performance that makes this equipment not overheat. Dispensing with the fan, and noise at the same time. Thanks to this performance. The new MacBook Air has obtained the largest battery so far in a device of this range of products and is capable of reaching 18 hours in total including functions such as its improved camera or its large screen of 13.3 inches wide.

For its part, the MacBook Pro has also undergone an update. This new device, like the Air, includes a large 13.3-inch widescreen but its features have been greatly increased. The power of its CPU has been multiplied by 2.8 while its 8-core GPU has obtained an improvement in speed and performance three times higher than the previous generation. As well as its graphics. The performance offered by its machine learning system has been increased. The battery that it manages to obtain thanks to the improved performance of the device is 20 hours in total. Something is never before seen on a Mac device.

In addition to that, Apple has also introduced the new Mac Mini desktop computer, new work equipment that is incredibly adjustable given the physical characteristics of its small size. It is a very versatile device but it does not reduce its overall performance, it has increased the speed of both its CPU and its GPU three times and includes 16 GB of RAM and up to 2TB of internal storage.

Price and Availability

Apple’s new Mac devices will be available soon for a price of $999/Rs.158200 for the MacBook Air, $1299/Rs.205708 for the MacBook Pro, and $699/110693 for the Mac Mini.

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