Apple’s Major iPhone 13 upgrade Unexpectedly Confirmed

Apple iPhone 13

Everything gets better with the iPhone 13, which fixes the worst issues with the iPhone 12. That is confirmed by Apple and Qualcomm documents.

The iPhone 12 series came with clear compromises in all models. But Apple’s documents had already confirmed the first details of next year’s iPhone 13 models. Apple iPhone 13, A page from Apple’s showdown with Qualcomm first appeared on Twitter and was later confirmed by MacRumors.

iPhone 13 Gets Better with Qualcomm’s X60 5G Modem

The site reveals Apple’s 5G plans for the next four years. At the same time, it is officially confirmed that Apple plans to use Qualcomm’s heavily upgraded X60 5G modem in “Apple Products” in 2021.

That is iPhones. Thus, the worst disadvantages of the iPhone 12 are fixed. The iPhone 12 phones offer buyers upgrades. But at the same time, there are unavoidable compromises. They are due to the X55 modem that sits on the iPhone 12.

5G Modem in iPhone 12 is Expensive and Sucks Battery

The use of Qualcomm’s X55 5G modem means both a high price and that the battery has a tough task of running the phone, and that support is limited internationally. Thus, Apple was forced to compromise on some fronts.

First, it’s about the price. Here, there has been a lot of focus on Apple’s decision not to send a pair of EarPods or a charger in the box. The biggest consequence in keeping the price down has been that the iPhone 12 models’ batteries are smaller than in the predecessor.

That, combined with the X55’s high power consumption, means that the battery life is not that great. As tests have already shown. It also explains why the phones do not have 120 Hz ProMotion screens. Apple also does not support the fastest 5G standard (mmWave) on any of the iPhone 12 phones outside the US. It is not possible to get multi-SIM 5G.

Everything gets better with the iPhone 13

Apple iPhone 12 and iPhone 13, With the X60, all that changes. Unlike the X55, it can be integrated into the phone’s main chip, saving space, reducing power consumption, and reducing cost. It is compatible with 5G networks globally, supports dual-SIM, and works simultaneously with both mmWave and Sub6GHz 5G networks, providing incredible performance.

Therefore, we miss all the iPhone 12 that appear in the first leaked information about the iPhone 13. The iPhone 13 will also be the first to get a smaller notch and in-display Touch ID, along with Face ID, making it easier to unlock your phone in a world that wears masks. You can read more from the document confirming the news about the iPhone 12 here.

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