Best Five Washing Machine Brands In Pakistan 2020-2021

Best Five Washing Machine Brands In Pakistan 2020-2021

Are you looking for Best Five Washing Machine Brands In Pakistan 2020-2021? Yes, you are in the right place. Nowadays as somebody strolls into an electronic shop to get any home or kitchen instruments, he gets to see numbers of brands and thousands of choices. Hence, it can be challenging for him at opportunities to pick the best one out of the numbers of brands. If we discuss buying a new washing machine so the first element that comes across the thought is choosing the right brand. In Pakistan, people have so many possibilities to choose from.

In this study, we are going to tell our users about the top and utmost-loved washing machine brands in PakistanAnd all the information they need to take into the record before they think to buy a new washing machine for their washing area.

Having in mind that various buyers have various requirements, we have chosen up only the most reliable brands to help them take the right one. A spirit can have various options to choose from before buying a washing machine like a front capacity washing machine, top load, semi-auto washing machines fully automatic machines, single tub washing machines, and double tub washing machines. If your resources are good and you are looking for an accessible and hassle-free washing option then you can opt for front load washing machines. On the opposite side, if you are thinking to buy an affordable washing machine in Pakistan including basic laundry features then you can go for top load washing machines.

Here we have listed below the best washing machine brands you can get in the year 2020 in Pakistan. Have a peep at them to choose the one that entirely suits your budget and your laundry area


dawlance washing machines

The brand is founded since 1980  and becomes made an invaluable place in the market including a high end home and kitchen appliances. Since its trade-mark says “Dawlance is Reliable,” and Safety is actually the stuff that makes Dawlance an unbeatable brand. Dawlance is commonly known for it’s an excellent and most precise range of laundry machines in Pakistan.  Dawlance has a comprehensive range of washing machines with superior features and high technology. To meet all the expectations of the buyers and give them the best assisting hand in the laundry.

With decades of knowledge, Dawlance experiences consumers and thus contributes to the best and affordable commodity line. The brand after an accurate market study and research has brought drastic changes in the manufacturing of washing machines. Dawlance front load washing machines and top load washing machines carry remarkable features. That efficiently provides to the needs of modern-day consumers and makes laundry a more effortless task for them.

We further have added some of the best merchant dawlance washing machines of the year and their prices. That’s whereby our users can easily choose the type of washing machine they require.

  • DWT-275TB G Fully Automatic Washing Machine
  • DWF-8200 Front Load Washing Machine
  • DW220C2 Semi Automatic Twin Tub Washing Machine
  • DW-5200 Semi Automatic Washing Machine


Superasia washing machines

Super Asia is amongst the numerous reliable corporations when it comes to buying home appliances. The brand is also considered as one of the best washing machines merchandising brands in Pakistan. SuperAsia gives a wide range of different electronics especially washing machines. This most advanced brand started its services in the year 1911. And considering then the brand has been regularly involved in improvements. Modifications, and customization of their product line. 

Superasia washing machines are especially affordable and carry all the advanced characteristics one looks for. They have newly introduced a wide range of fully automated washing machines. That highlights the latest technology and remarkable one wash system and other user-friendly options. On the other side, their SMART WASH laundry machines come with  Shock & rust proof body. Shower wash technology, Easy wash tray, Loud beep alarm when you complete one wash cycle. Some of the Further innovative features to have been involved in SUPER ASIA Washing machines are massive gear technology. Fully copper Motor, power-performance, auto checks system and quick air dryer technology

Here we have listed some of the latest and best seller SuperAsia laundry machines available in the market. Have a look at them to get the one that goes well with your basic laundry needs super Asia Front Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine

  • SA-244 Twin Tub Semi Automatic Washing Machine
  • SA-270 Semi Automatic Washing Machine
  • Super Asia Super Front Load Washing Machine
  • Super Asia SA-241 Smart Wash


Panasonic washing machines

There is no ambiguity that Panasonic is a tremendous player in the sector of the kitchen and home appliances. The corporation is based in Japan and is considered a universal leader in the production of high tech electronic goods to meet the needs of now’s consumers. Founded since 1918, the organization strives to accommodate its users with the best variety of electronic products for residential and commercial uses. Panasonic aims to make a revolution in the sector of technology and extension with its wide range of commodities ranging from manufacturing devices to consumer electronic goods.  

Panasonic washing machines remain known for their supreme performance, excellent features, and smooth looks. It wouldn’t be inside if we say that Panasonic is one of the most immeasurable washing machine brands in Pakistan with it’s the finest range of fully automated, semi-automatic top load and front load washing machines. Panasonic completely automatic front load washing machines come with impressive features. Some of those features include strong and shockproof plastic bodies, a power wash system, the alarm sounds at the end of laundry, fully reach user panels, and a Hexa cube drum. While their top-load laundry machines are amazingly affordable and come with great capability and a smart wash system along with other remarkable features. All of the Panasonic washing devices are energy-efficient and can help you save power by 40%.

We must include the five best trading Panasonic washing machines accessible in the market. You can go into the list to pick the one that is perfect for your laundry area.

  • NA-F90- 9Kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine
  • NA-F127- 7Kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine
  • NA-F115A1- 11Kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine
  • NA-F150- 15Kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine
  • NA-127VB6 Fully Automatic Washing Machine


Haier washing machines

Haier is one of the most advanced brands when it comes to purchasing home appliances. The corporation is based in Japan and started its services in the year 1984. The brand is commonly known for it’s affordable and long-lasting electronic commodities. With decades of knowledge and into the study of the market, the brand recognizes the needs of its customers. And continually strive to implement them with the best. Added a range of home appliances combine with washing machines, air conditioners, refrigerators, LED TVs, air coolers, and much more. The brand was also remunerated as the best washing machine producing brand in the year 2004.

Haier washing machines become with excellent features and beautiful looks that can’t be observed in other brands. Haier laundry machines are manufactured using the most advanced methods and high tech technology. Like other tremendous brands, Haier comes with the most accurate range of semi-automatic, fully automatic, top leaders and front load laundry machines in Pakistan. Haier top load fully automatic washing machines are packed with stunning backgrounds like support drum, wind wash, power efficiency, sense screen user panels, low sound wash, and NZP technology, etc. If you have a fixed budget for a laundry machine suddenly you can opt for Haier washing machines as they are amazingly affordable and unbeatable in appearance.

To assist you pick the best washing machine for your washing area, we have suggested below some of the best selling Haier laundry machines of the year. Hold on to find them out.

  • Semi Automatic Washing Machine
  • Fully Automatic Washing Machine
  • Semi Automatic Do Tub Washing Machine
  • 12Kg Top Load Washing Machine
  • 12Kg Twin Tub Washing Machine


PEL fully automatic top load washing machines

PEL includes one of the Best Five Washing Machine Brands generally known for it’s extremely affordable and permanent consumer goods in Pakistan. The brand strives to accommodate the customers with the most reliable home and kitchen appliances inside their approach. And this is one of the causes why PEL established its space in the business in such a short duration of time.  PEL fully automatic top load washing machines develop with unbeatable achievement and remarkable features. Any of the top pieces Cover anti-shock fully synthetic rust-free body, rat-free material, auto shut and restart alternatives, sense panel, glass tap, and fast draining system. PEL  is also considered as the first buyer good brand in Pakistan to offer lifetime motor and one-year parts warranty.

The corporation currently trades in Fully automatic and semi-automatic front load laundry machines and practices high tech Japanese technology to offer great durability.

It wouldn’t be inside to say that PEL is the best choice if you are looking forward to buying an affordable and Durable fully automatic front washing machine in Pakistan.

Here below mentioned some of the best PEL washing machine haven an look on it if they meet your requirement then buy it.

  • 8Kg Fully Automatic Machine
  • 9Kg Fully Automatic Machine
  • 11Kg Fully Automatic Machine
  • 12Kg Fully Automatic Machine
  • Spin Dryer

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