Dawlance Energy Saver 9122 WB Refrigerator


Rs. 30,400/-

Dawlance Energy Saver 9122 WB Refrigerator


Dawlance Energy Saver 9122 WB Refrigerator latest price in Pakistan. Are you looking for refrigerators who make your kitchen beautiful comparatively in fewer costs? Yes, you are on the right post. Here I tell you about this Dawlance Energy Saver series.

 As we all know, Dawlance has a well-known name in the electronic industry in Pakistan. They always make the right product that differentiates Dawlance from its competitors. Dawlance Energy Saver 9122 WB always makes the right decisions for their customers and the country. In this, Dawlance uses ES technology, which can save 23% of Energy, which is very good for its customers who buy this product. In Pakistan, we always face electrical problem in summers commonly in this product Dawlance provides Eutactic plate which can keep your food or goods frozen up to 15 hours during power break down. Also has 10% Excess usage capacity from their competitors. Here below mention some of the key features and specification which help you to find this product meet your demand or not.


Model  9122 WB
Capacity175 L / 6.2 cu. ft.
Dimensions (WxHxD) MM490 x 1231 x 525 mm
Colour AvailableCrystal Grey / Stone Grey


  • 23% energy saving through ES technology
  • Freezer Eutactic plate– keeps items frozen for up to 15 hours during power breakdowns
  • 10% excess usage capacity than other refrigerators
  • Contemporary design- double textured door

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