Dawlance LVS Plus 9188 WB Refrigerator


Rs. 45,000/-

Dawlance LVS Plus Refrigerator


Dawlance LVS Plus 9188 WB 425L/15 cu ft Refrigerator Latest Price in Pakistan. Dawlance has various types of series, but in this LVS PLUS has come with a beautiful new and sleek design that helps you to make your kitchen different from others and also save your money in the long run. This model Dawlance LVS 9188 WB specialty is you no longer need to worry about voltage fluctuations and low voltage supply. (LVS) stands for Low voltage startup, which means these series run on voltage as low as 135V while reduces electricity with the help of its energy-saving feature. No need to buy a stabilizer.

Here below are some of the critical elements of this product.

Key Features

  • Work on voltages as low as 135V
  • No need for stabilizer
  • Saves up to 23% of Electricity(Annually)
  • Optimal cooling Retention keeps Food frozen Without Electricity.


Model No.9188 WB
Capacity (L / Cu. ft.)425/15
Dimensions (WxHxD) MM650 x 1569 x 625 mm

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