Dawlance NS Series 91996 WB NS Refrigerator


Rs. 53,900/-

Dawlance NS Series 91996 WB NS Refrigerator


Dawlance NS Series 91996 WB NS 15 cu ft Refrigerator Latest Price in Pakistan. Are you looking for a refrigerator? Yes, you are in the right place. Yehprice always provides factual information that helps you to make a decision. Dawlance NS Series 91996 still in the market with a new and reliable product. In this Refrigerator (NS), no stabilizer needed for a startup, which means you can save money, which you otherwise spend on buying stabilizers. NS series has features like Inverter Technology 12 cubic Ft, which helps you to save 40|% of your electricity and help your country. Here below are key features and specifications for this product.  

Key Features


Model No.91996 WB
Capacity (L / Cu. ft.)525 / 18.5

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