Dawlance Refrigerator Price in 2020

Dawlance refrigerator price in 2020
Product NamePrice
Dawlance Fridge 9122Rs. 23,993
Dawlance Lvs 9144 FridgeRs. 31,899
Dawlance Lvs 9144 FridgeRs. 27,699
Dawlance Fridge 91996wb NsRs. 59,900
Dawlance 9122 Fridge MonoRs. 34,500
Dawlance 9188 Lvs FridgeRs. 54,500
Dawlance 9144 Lvs Fridge HairlineRs. 33,158

Dawlance Fridge Overview

When we’re discussing home appliances so the primary consideration that attains to the subconscious is “Refrigerator.” That’s why top-leading consumer goods production companies such as Dawlance, Panasonic, PEL, and Haier are dedicated to producing high-tech fridges that can satisfy the needs of the latest kitchen. Externally a stylish, innovative, and healthy fridge; a state-of-the-art kitchen is absolutely incomplete. The presence in your kitchen of an advanced, high-tech, and smart refrigerator, tells a lot regarding your life choices. Dawlance refrigerator price in 2020.

In everyday life, fridges are a basic fundamental. A high-tech fridge is a special one that continues the ultimate cooling system, state-of-the-art technology, and trendy style, and Dawlance makes all this happen.

Dawlance is a well-recognized home appliances brand in Pakistan, having about 37 offices across the country, or you can also obtain its store online. The brand allows a wide range of home appliances, including refrigerators.

Dawlance refrigerator price in 2020 is the name of durability and therefore provides you with Pakistan’s most sustainable goods. The company produces a wide variety of single doors, double doors, and french door fridges like every other brand on the market. All Dawlance refrigerators come with outstanding efficiency and unique features. The organization has a wide market share, essentially due to its productive; high-tech refrigerators. Dawlance values its consumers’ needs and wants and also gives the latest and most efficient domestic and kitchen devices.

Nowadays, the fridge has grown a must-have device for your home not only for its job to store food but also to present your kitchen look modern.

What characteristics do you explore for while buying a refrigerator?

  • It should be affordable or appears in the price range you should set up. Do not seem heavy on your pocket while working on its purpose.
  • It should keep cooling even on energy breakdowns and should also save power. An inverter compressor can be helpful too.
  • Looks immeasurable in your kitchen and has a smooth design to match your aesthetics.


  • Dawlance allows a wide category of refrigerators with various price ranges for you to pick from. You can get to choose a fridge that would fit your resources and also suits your kitchen.
  • Dawlance additionally has energy-saving and low voltage technology in its refrigerators, so you don’t possess to worry about the high power consumption and performance of your fridge on low voltage.
  • Dawlance also offers more active cooling and keeps its temperature in power breakdown, meaning you don’t have to worry about protecting your edibles in load dropping, which occurs a lot in Pakistan.
  • As we have previously mentioned, Dawlance has many various models of refrigerators, which means many different patterns for you to choose from.

Models of Dawlance Refrigerators

Dawlance refrigerator price in 2020 is the perfect combination of technology that retains your food fresh for a longer continuation. Most of the variants in Dawlance Refrigerators are remarkably useful and demanded by families. These are:

  • Dawlance Refrigerator Top Mount series
  • Low-Frost series
  • High-Frost series
  • Health Zone Plus Series
  • Euro-Design series
  • Mirror Glass Door Inverter
  • Signature Series
  • Monogram
  • Double French Door

Color Schemes

It remained the first organization to sell not only the old-fashioned white color schemes but famously created the new version which is now available in 12 color variants. The 2020 Dawlance Refrigerator New Model Range highlights:

  • midnight violet
  • pearl white
  • wooden gold
  • lunar silver
  • gray gradient
  • black
  • Burgundy
  • steel black and steel gray

Now stylish and efficient refrigerators, Dawlance refrigerator price in 2020 is constantly in demand on the Pakistan market and enjoy the earned reliance of all their customers. They come in three different classes such as

  • Single door
  • Double door freezer
  • Vertical freezer

Dawlance LF Series Refrigerator Go more, Cool more

Dawlance is moreover there to become the best possible approach for your demands. For its 30 percent more massive freezer section, 9190 LF produces more ice, cold liquid and space to fulfill your storage requirements.

Key Features

  • 35 percent energy saving
  • 30 percent bigger freezer
  • 12-year compressor warranty
  • No need of stabilizer
  • 12-year Brand warranty


  • Roomier to fulfill your storage needs
  • It is an energy-saving refrigerator, so reduces electricity bills.


  • No antifungal Gasket is being which reduces the deterioration of food items.
  • The need for a stabilizer.
  • No IR technology for health

Dawlance LF Series (9150 256/9) cu ft Refrigerator latest Price in Pakistan

Dawlance LF Series (9190 435/15.4) cu ft Refrigerator latest Price in Pakistan

Top Mount 900 – Enjoy Food Longer

The world’s most comprehensive immediate cool fridge is an ideal resolution for Pakistani customers, who need more inclusive preservation and cooling capabilities. For your home, it is a good opportunity for two identical refrigerators or refrigerators with a broad freezer.


  • Easy door handle
  • Twister box
  • Due to invertor, 55% energy saving.
  • 12-year compressor warranty


  • Works at low-temperature
  • Smooth looking refrigerator
  • Movable shelves
  • It has glass rocks, bearing load up to 100kgs


  • High-priced refrigerator
  • To reach the fridge, you have to bend down.

Energy Saver Plus Series Less energy, more extra savings

This power saver series presents “absolute quality” but does not overload you with massive energy bills and controls to reduce power bills by 45%.


  • Through ES technology, 45 percent energy saving.
  • As contrasted to other refrigerators, 10 percent more valuable capacity.
  • 12-year compressor warranty.


  • An easier path to food
  • Wider rocks
  • A broad drawer freezer


  • Need of stabilizer
  • Absence of deodorizer to secure odor-free storage.

Dawlance LVS Plus 9175 WB 350L/12.4 cu ft Refrigerator Latest Price in Pakistan

Dawlance LVS Plus 9188 WB Refrigerator

Dawlance LVS 9166 WB Refrigerator

Dawlance LVS 9188 Refrigerator

Mirror Glass Door Inverter

It is an exciting mix of ergonomics and modification is built to remunerate for Pakistan’s rising electricity costs. GD Inverter Refrigerator uses 55 percent less power than traditional refrigerators.


  • 12-year compressor warranty
  • No need of stabilizer
  • 55% energy saver


  • Anti-fungus gasket
  • Durable shelves
  • Cooling compressor
  • Fan for circulation of cool air
  • Additional light


  • Loss of door storage
  • High price tag
  • Risk of glass breakage

Dawlance Mirror Glass Inverter Refrigerator

Dawlance Mirror Glass Inverter 9188 WB Refrigerator

Dawlance Mirror Glass Inverter Refrigerator

Price in Pakistan

It is obvious that not each type of fridge works the same roles. There’s including a range of apps including each case with the development of technology and various sets are designed to fit a demanding user base. Dawlance rates in Pakistan are several affordable for the full compliance, excellence and performance of its outcomes.


A fridge is the most essential need of every house, and Dawlance provides such examples that represent all the characteristics and specs of a great refrigerator. Dawlance showed that yes, it is a name of reliability by its outcomes and produces a good name between its customers.


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