Haier Refrigerator Price in Pakistan

Haier Refrigerator Price in Pakistan
Top 10 Refrigerator PricePrice
Haier (HRF-438-IBD) Top-Freezer Direct Cooling RefrigeratorRs. 66,350
Haier (HRF-438-TDB) Top-Freezer Direct Cooling RefrigeratorRs. 60,450
Haier (HRF-438-TDC) Top-Freezer Direct Cooling RefrigeratorRs 60,450
Haier (HRF-368-TBB) Top-Freezer Direct Cooling RefrigeratorRs 55,000
Haier (HRF-368-EPC) Top-Freezer Direct Cooling RefrigeratorRs 54,850
Haier (HRF-368-EPB) Top-Freezer Direct Cooling RefrigeratorRs 61,920
Haier (HRF-368-EPR) Top-Freezer Direct Cooling RefrigeratorRs 46,900/-
Haier (HRF-368-EBD) Top-Freezer Direct Cooling RefrigeratorRs.42,500/-
Haier (HRF-368-EBS) Top-Freezer Direct Cooling RefrigeratorRs 42,500/-
Haier (HRF-336-TDC) with LED Touch Control Top-Freezer Direct Cooling RefrigeratorRs 45,000/-
These prices are estimated it can be vary from one market to another.

Haier Inverter Refrigerator Overview


Are you looking for Haier Refrigerator Price in Pakistan? yes, you are in the right post. Haier is a Chinese multinational microelectronics corporation that essentially makes purchasers and home appliances. The corporation models innovate and produce commodities such as fridges, laundry machines, and televisions etcetera.

Haier’s headquarters in Pakistan occupies in Lahore and websites such as priceoye.pk have delivered Haier products more accessible to the most Pakistanis.

Haier offers many commodities such as Air conditioners, turbo fridges, E-star fridges but the corporation has commenced to drift towards inverter technology in most of its most innovative products, including the Haier inverter fridges and Air conditioners.

Haier Refrigerator’s price in Pakistan:

Cooling System

The usually recognized design in Pakistan is one Top-Freezer Immediate Cooling, which becomes a larger fresh food section at the bottom and a smaller freezer compartment on the top. There is a quick cooling method due to that 5-side evaporator design, presently a container of 1.5L water can be compelled into ice in 2.5 hours. The large condenser can produce rapid and consistent cooling efficiency for fruits and vegetables that along with the movable racks provide flexible accommodation facilities.

Design & Functionality 

Haier fridge devices are tailored to increase home kitchen functionality, the French Door layout keeps the kitchen area with its narrow doors, saves energy by removing half a door at a time, and can seamlessly cover into the kitchen decoration with customizable table depth. The Side by Side standards are similar to the French Doorways, they keep cooled foods on the left and fresh foods on the top side of the refrigerator. They prioritize term efficiency making them well adapted for small or narrow kitchen layouts.  

Direct Cooling

It practices a cooling method called Direct Cooling which is estimated affordable because it uses cooling pads, unlike the No Frost method that practices an electrical coil and fan blower to maintain cooling temperatures. The cooling gel in Immediate Cooling keeps the food fresh frozen for numerous hours without power. The Turbo Icing can take down the freezer cold in just 49 minutes to ensure fast cooling or freezing. Pakistani homes that encounter constant energy interruptions and electricity inconstancies can benefit from this feature.

Easy to Clean

Whole fridges have a rubber padding describing the opening doors and the partition box, these commonly create an accurate seal that keeps cooling temperatures for extended durations. This authorization is called the anti-fungal door gasket, it restricts the entrance and build-up of fungi and bacteria inside the fridge. In the Haier models, this fastener is removable presenting it easier to refine over time. With proper cleaning, the gasket will be free of any microorganisms infection, or bacteria build-up.

Advantages of Haier Inverter Refrigerators in Pakistan:

  • Haier’s inverter fridges such as the Haier Inverter fridge model HRF-336IDB decrease energy expenditure associated with other non-inverter fridges such as the Haier 14 cubic ft Turbo Cooling Series, model no. HRF438TD.
  • The idea of decreasing electrical energy consumption and thus decreasing power deficits might bring Pakistani consumers to buy those inverter fridges as Pakistan has forever had a power-crisis and regular load-shedding.
  • Some of the inverter fridges such as the Haier Inverter fridge model HRF-336IDB accommodation duration of up to 100 hours in fact of power failure, which provides them the edge over other non-inverter fridges.
  • Some designs of Haier inverter fridges also provide fruit and vegetable crisper, which strengthens place Pakistanis towards them if they buy their own refrigerators.
  • A few of Haier’s inverter fridges also have innovative characteristics such as an exceptional function that forces catch the eyes of Pakistanis who can yield these inverter refrigerators.

Disadvantages of Haier Inverter Refrigerators in Pakistan:

  • Although inverter outputs save electricity and energy, as inverter commodities are more valuable than uncomplicated non-inverter products, most Pakistanis who have considerably low wages might resort to other designs such as a single door or non-inverter fridges.
  • Some Pakistanis might require more prominent refrigerators or fridges to meet their obligations and as the Haier inverter fridges are not that spacious, they might not be viewed as a viable opportunity by this group of Pakistanis.

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