Huawei Launches EMUI 11 Beta Tests

Huawei EMUI 11


Increasing the user experience with the EMUI 10 interface on its smartphones and tablets, Huawei started EMUI 11 Beta user tests with EMUI 11 to further improve this experience.

Increasing user experience with EMUI 10 interface on smartphones and tablets HuaweiWith EMUI 11, EMUI 11 Beta started user tests to develop this experience further.

According to Huawei’s statement, with the question test. The company will provide the most suitable interface for their needs by directly receiving feedback from the users themselves.

The EMUI 10, which use in all new-generation devices. Huawei introduces many new features such as Magazine Style UI layout, Morandi Colors system, Dark Mode, Gold Icons, New Animations, and Enhanced privacy features to users’ lives, raising the bar with EMUI 11.

EMUI 11 allows users to customise their screens with a personal flair with “Always On Display (AOD)” options. All scenario features supported by Huawei’s distributed technology, such as “Multi-Screen Collaboration,” have become the core features of EMUI. This technology enables devices to virtualise and share software capabilities.

Users who want to participate in the EMUI 11 Beta test program must enter. The “Huawei Friendly User Test” application and register for the beta test.

In the application logged in with Huawei ID. That you can enter the “Join the project” section from the “Personal” section and select the relevant project from here. The users who enrol in the beta test program will automatically receive the HOTA upgrade notification on their phones. After the phone is updated, EMUI 11 beta version will install.

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