Panasonic (CS-YE18TKF) 1.5 Ton

Panasonic (CS-YE18TKF) 1.5 Ton

Panasonic (CS-YE18TKF) 1.5 Ton Price in Pakistan (₨135,000)


For Shower Cooling

Panasonic (CS-YE18TKF) 1.5 Ton Before you consider too chilly and difficult, AEROWINGS shifts the airflow upwards to spread fresh air over a full area. This ensures cold air is evenly distributed everywhere the room, and you can stay relaxed without experiencing continuous, direct cooling.

Bigger Intake

Panasonic Air Conditioners feature an input grille which is 22 mm deeper and improved indoor fan speed that permits up to a super-high fan speed to start up. The body design makes a bigger air volume that presents to faster cooling.

Honeycomb Intake Grille

The Honeycomb Intake Grille has a deeper opening to improve the suction of hot wind from the place so that the bedroom can be chilled faster. Panasonic (CS-YE18TKF) 1.5 Ton The more active honeycomb structure more offers the air conditioner more reliable protection.

Panasonic Air Conditioners with Aerowings features an indoor map with wider input a grille and super-high fan speed to produce a larger air volume.

Catechin Filter deactivates 90% of bacteria trapped.

Powerful Mode

The outer cover of the outdoor unit is made of a Superdyma metal sheet, which is exceptionally rust-resistant. This makes the outside unit rust free and reduces the need for a covering or some other kind of support.

When Innovation Makes Life Comfortable

The of this innovation, with the vertical and horizontal operation. Ensures that there is a uniform flow of cold wind to all parts of the room. No matter anywhere you are, you’ll feel that happiness.


  • 4 Way Air Swing
  • Xtra Quiet
  • 2 Stage Air Purification System
  • PM2.5 Filter
  • Heat & Cooling Mode
  • Catechin Filter
  • Corrosion Resistant Outdoor Sheet
  • Official Warranty


Air Conditioners TypeDC Inverter AC, Wall Mount Split AC
Ton1.5 Ton

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