PEL 1.5 Ton Majestic 4D Air Conditioner

PEL 1.5 Ton Majestic 4D Air Conditioner price in pakistan

PEL 1.5 Ton Majestic 4D Air Conditioner Price in Pakistan (Rs:58,500/-)


PEL (Pak Elektron Limited) is a Pakistani 1st company that can manufacture home appliances and also makes Electrical Equipment. PEL can manufacture industrial and home equipment. It has also assembled refrigerators and Air Conditioner.

PEL introduced its 1st Air conditioners in 1981. Now PEL can be built a name in the market and become a leading position in the market. PEL can make a Split and also DC inverters. 

PEL introduce PEL 1.5 Ton Majestic 4D Air Conditioner lowest range of lowest consumption power efficient air conditioners that will help you save energy experience and powerful cooling all the season. It has constant speed that can set by the user, and it provides you excellent performance. Its indoor was cutting with edge design. It also has faster-cooling systems that can provide quick cooling. PEL 1.5 Ton Majestic has 4D airflow system that can flow the air in four different directions that can reduce the room temperature. It can rid the hot air from a room and cool the room faster and throw the cold air at long distance by his full power Fan. Some other features are listed below.


Power Cooling1250W
Maximum Power2400W
Energy Efficiency Ratio2.8W/W
Power Supply220/50Hz
RefrigerantR22/960 Gas
Air Flow (Volume)1000m3/h
Noise Level48/58db
Indoor(width x Depth x Height)900x310x225mm
Outdoor (width x Depth x Height)800x545x315mm
Indoor Weight12kg
Outdoor Weight38kg
Air Conditioner TypeAC
TONS1.5 ton
Model Name18K Majestic

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