Pel AC 4 Ton 48K Bold Floor Standing

Pel AC 4 Ton 48K Bold Floor Standing price in Pakistan

Pel AC 4 Ton 48K Bold Floor Standing Price in Pakistan (Rs:1,75,000/-)


PEL (Pak Elektron Limited) is a Pakistani 1st company that can manufacture home appliances and also makes Electrical EquipmentPEL can manufacture industrial and home equipment. It has also assembled refrigerators and Air Conditioner

PEL introduced its 1st Air conditioners in 1981. Now PEL can build a name in the market and become a leading position in the market. PEL can make a Split Air Conditioners and also DC inverters. 

Pel AC 4 Ton 48K Bold is a multi-functional air conditioner. We can use both the heating and cooling system and make our zoon comfortable. Its airflow system was multi-directional so that it can change the room temperature in just a few minutes. Pel AC 4 Ton 48K Bold Floor Standing Have some extra features like

GMCC Compressor

It has a GMCC compressor system that can increase the pressure in microseconds and through the refrigerant to an indoor unit to provide fresh air.

Evaporator Material 

PEL company can use Hydrophilic Aluminum Foil material for its evaporator. This material can protect the coolant from the outside temperature.  

Condenser Material 

PEL company can use the smaller diameter cooper coil system. In this, when coolant is moving from these smaller cooper tubes, it can reduce the temperature fastest.


PEL company uses the refrigerant R22/800. This gas was newly introduced, and it is faster, and its cooling speed is too high.


It has a multi-directional airflow system that can flow the air horizontally and vertically continuously simultaneously. It has a heavy-duty DC fan motor that was working faster, and consume low power also saves energy.

Remote control system

Its remote was so easy to use and have no extra light. One IR (infrared) that cannot show any view and work on the low power cell.


Power Cooling4650W
Maximum Power9500W
Energy Efficiency Ratio9.60W/W
Power Supply390-440/50Hz
RefrigerantR410a Gas
Air Flow (Volume)1900m3/h
Noise Level67/56db
Indoor(width x Depth x Height)1125x485x1237mm
Outdoor (width x Depth x Height)970x245x1237mm
Indoor Weight59kg
Outdoor Weight95kg
Air Conditioner TypeAC (Chiller Type)
TONS4 ton
Model Name48k bold

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