Samsung (AR18KSF) 1.5 Ton Triangle Design


Samsung (AR18KSF) 1.5 Ton Triangle Design Price in Pakistan (105,000/-)


Triangle Design To Powerful Cooling

Samsung (AR18KSF) 1.5 Ton provides unique three-sided design changes its show, circulating fresh air quicker, very and full around your house. It’s Digital Inverter extra affords significantly more excellent energy performance.** Also its Virus Doctor Clear Filter kills dust, contaminants, allergens, bacteria, and viruses*** – firstly applying a filter and secondly with Infection Doctor.

Valid on four viruses, including Subtype H1N1, also some bacteria. Data must be obtained covered under specific testing conditions and may differ based on environmental factors.

Cools Faster, Farther, and Wider

This Samsung Air Conditioner should be designed for this area up to be excellently effective. Its uniquely three-sided design becomes a higher full inlet so that more air can at drawn in. The prepared diameter and corner of its socket, plus v-blades, a more excellent fan, also ensure that air is cooled and expelled more active, much and more full*. So refreshingly cold air reaches each angle of your place.

Cools You Fast Then Cools You Comfortably

The Samsung Air Conditioner starts cooling the air express using its dominant Fast Cooling mode, so it becomes beyond fast. It next automatically switches the way to Comfort Cool to control the wanted temperature. So yourself won’t know cold and don’t have to have manually changing the settings or utilizing the Air Conditioner on and off.

Works Smart. Saves Energy

The Samsung Air Conditioner highlights an energy-efficient Digital Inverter, including EER 10.1. That can control the desired temperature externally, usually shutting off and on, so it utilizes more limited energy. The Digital Inverter supports yourself to stay satisfied as extensive periods of experience while doing the least quantity of energy.

Save Energy Even When Alone

The Samsung Air Conditioner’s Single User method works limited compressor capability, decreasing energy loss*, while still giving a cooling and fresh atmosphere. So yourself can do that at you’re lonely, even during a warm time, without annoying about the energy bill.

Eliminates Viruses

Germ Expert including Clear Filter kills particles, critical airborne contaminants, and allergens, as beautiful since bacteria and germs, including this Influenza A and Corona viruses* – firstly applying a filter and next with Germ Expert. So it keeps the air you breathe cleaned and healthful.

They are tested in Kitasato Environmental Science Center (Japan) & Yonsei Univ. Effective on four viruses, including Subtype H1N1, and certain bacteria. Data has been measured under specific testing conditions and may differ based on environmental factors.

Stable, Long-lasting Performance

The Samsung Air Conditioner keeps working in multiple challenging situations. Samsung AR18KSF 1.5 Ton Its Three Protector Plus technology checks the compressor and controller of remaining overloaded by power waves and shifting electrical currents, externally a separate energy stabilizer. It also has an anti-corrosive cover to stop the condenser of corrosion, and closet from rotting. And its bigger capacitor and optimized refrigerant issue express it can survive hot temperatures (up to 58 ºC)

Easy to Take Out and Clean

Unlike conventional filters that usually mean hard to reach, the Samsung Air Conditioner’s Simple Filter is placed outside on the roof. So it can be taken excuse, washed and put behind – externally becoming to begin a cover or remove hard to get it out. And its anti-bacterial covering filters particles, hazardous airborne contaminants, and allergens.

Tested in Korea test lab(FITI/KEMTI) and Japan test lab(ITEA). Data has been measured under specific testing conditions and may differ based on environmental factors.

Smartly Convenient

Including the Samsung Air Conditioner yourself can experience the trust that it’s excellently installed and the suitability of remote controller and trouble-shooting. Smart Installation notes to everyday difficulties to cause positive it is correctly installed. Using an App on your smartphone, Smart Wi-Fi gives you to monitor and improve energy environments everywhere, and Smart Check allows yourself to diagnose mistakes and ask a setting now.

Secure Fitting InstallationSmart Installation is a self-diagnosis highlight that secures your Samsung Air Conditioner is connected well by your service technician. Samsung AR18KSF 1.5 Ton It automatically controls for installation errors that can create difficulties while using the air conditioner, including ineffective communication by the outdoor system, each issue among the sincerity of the air pipe, and reduced refrigerant flow.

Easy Troubleshooting

The Samsung Air Conditioner adds Smart Check, an automated error-monitoring operation. It recognizes and diagnoses difficulties at a quick stage and gives fast and straightforward troubleshooting clarifications using a smartphone App*. So it keeps your time should see the standard and avoids the price and difficulty of random technician callouts** – and possibly costly replacement bills.



  • World’s First 8 Pole Motor
  • Triangle Design For Faster Cooling
  • Easy Filter
  • Led Display
  • Corrosion Protection
  • Low & High Voltage Control
  • Official Warranty by Samsung Pakistan


Air Conditioners TypeDC Inverter AC Wall Mount Split AC
Ton1.5 Ton

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