Samsung (AR18NSP) 1.5 Ton Windfree

Samsung (AR18NSP) 1.5 Ton Windfree

Samsung (AR18NSP) 1.5 Ton Windfree Price in Pakistan (₨145,000)


Samsung WindFree Good Sleep Mode

Samsung (AR18NSP) 1.5 Ton provides Suitable Sleep mode, including Samsung WindFree Cooling, which generates an excellent atmosphere for a great night’s dream – without cool airflow. Its temperature control with Wind-Free cooling benefits yourself to fall sleeping fast, rest deeply and wake refreshed.

Make Cool Fast, Wait Cool externally Straight

Samsung WindFree Cooling ultimately maintains a suitable level of coolness without the disagreeable feeling of chilly wind. Fresh air is smoothly scattered through 21,000 micro wind holes. So you don’t seem too hot or cold.

Digital Inverter 8-Pole

A Digital Inverter 8-Pole utilizes just 32% of the energy applied by standard models. It keeps the desired temperature without continually switching off and on. So it’s decidedly quieter, more durable, and effective.

Chills yourself down quicker

Fast cooling

Immediately chills from edge to edge, so you’re forever happy anywhere you are. Digital Inverter 8-Pole technology reduces the air 43% faster, and a three-sided architecture separates fresh air very and wider.

Manage it anytime & anyplace

WiFi Control using a Smart Home App

By the WiFi Control using a Smart Home App, you can remotely manage the functions and catalog its performance. It also provides you with live feedback about how it’s working and allows you to watch and limit power usage.

Available on iPhones and Android devices. A network connection is needed.

Keep easy without changing settings.

Wind-Free 2-Step Cooling mode

The 2-Step Cooling method calms the air fast in the Fast Cooling method, suddenly automatically adjusts to the Wind-Free way to control the temperature. So you wait comfortable, without cold places, and don’t require to change settings.

Reduces dangerous germs

Filtration System

Maintains the wind you inhale real and robust. A Smooth Filter catches particles, hazardous contaminants, and allergens. And Ionizer reduces some dangerous germs and bacteria by up to 99%.

Quick & easy to clean filter

Easy Filter Plus

The Easy Filter Plus is placed outdoor, on the top, so that it can quickly be taken out, washed, and fixed back – without removing a case. And its anti-bacterial covering filters dirt, airborne contaminants, and allergens.

Stable, long-lasting performance

Triple Protector Plus

It stops overloads, without a separate charge stabilizer, has an anti-corrosion layer, also can stay hard situations.


  • Wind free Technology 
  • World’s First 8 Pole Inverter
  • Wifi Control 
  • Anti-Corrosion Fins With Duran
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Heat & Cool Function
  • Reduces Harmful Viruses 
  • Auto Changeover
  • 3 Care Filter (Dust, Bacteria, and Allergy)
  • Triple Protector Plus (Low and High Voltage Control and Rust Protection)
  • 5 Year Warranty on Compressor and 1 Year Parts


Air Conditioners TypeDC Inverter AC Wall Mount Split AC
Ton1.5 Ton

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