Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra Review and its Price


Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra Review for the first time, Samsung held its Unpacked presentation online, revealing five new devices. Among them – to the limit, a technological smartphone Galaxy Note20 Ultra and a version for economical Note20. Accelerated S Pen stylus, 8K video shooting, total integration with Windows 10 – we talk about this and much more simultaneously with the global announcement.


SmartphoneSamsung Galaxy Note 20  Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra  
Operating systemAndroid 10Android 10
Screen6.7 “, 2400×1080, AMOLED, 393 ppi6.9 ”, 3200×1440, AMOLED, 60 Hz (120 Hz available in FHD + resolution)
CPUExynos 990, 8 cores (2x M5 2.73 GHz + 2x Cortex-A76 2.5 GHz + 4x Cortex-A55 2.0 GHz)Exynos 990, 8 cores (2x M5 2.73 GHz + 2x Cortex-A76 2.5 GHz + 4x Cortex-A55 2.0 GHz)
Graphic arts
Mali-G77 MP11  

Mali-G77 MP11  
8 GB (LTE) / 12 GB (5G)  
Persistent memory256 GB256GB (LTE) / 512GB (5G), microSD slot
Communication4G, 3G, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.1, GPS, GLONASS, NFC5G (older version), 4G, 3G, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.1, GPS, GLONASS, NFC
Main Camera12 MP, aperture f / 1.8, sensor size 1 / 1.76 “, pixel size 1.8 μm, optical stabilization  108 MP, aperture f / 1.8, sensor size 1 / 1.33 “, optical stabilization, laser autofocus
 Video shooting 7680×4320 24 fps, 3840×2160 60 fps, 1280×720 960 fps  Video shooting 7680×4320 24 fps, 3840×2160 60 fps, 1280×720 960 fps
 Additional Telephoto (zoom camera):
64 MP, optical zoom 3x, aperture f / 2.0, sensor size 1 / 1.7 “, optical stabilization
Additional Telephoto (zoom camera):
12MP, 5x optical zoom, f / 3.0 aperture, 1.0 μm pixel size, OIS
 Additional Super-wide angle: 
12 MP, f / 2.2 aperture, 1 / 2.55 ”sensor size, 1.4 μm pixel size
Additional Super-wide angle: 
12 MP, f / 2.2 aperture, 1 / 2.55 ”sensor size, 1.4 μm pixel size
 Front Camera10 MP, aperture f / 2.2, sensor size 1/32 “, pixel size 1.22 microns  10 MP, aperture f / 2.2, sensor size 1/32 “, pixel size 1.22 microns
Battery4300 mAh, non-removable, fast charging 45 W4500 mAh, non-removable, fast charging 45 W
Dimensions161.6×75.2×8.3mm  164.8×77.2×8.1 mm
Weight195 g208 g  
PriceRs. 179,999Rs. 219,999

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Familiar Design with an Impressive Camera:

The Galaxy Note line has always differed from the Galaxy S in a strict design. The Note20 Ultra keeps its mark: angular, solid and with huge camera modules. Like a revolver drum, at least load the Magnum cartridges. By such a formidable “camera gun”, the smartphone can be easily distinguished from the Galaxy S20 Ultra, past “laptops” and in general everyone.

New colors arrived: black, white, bronze . White has sunk into our souls, but bronze also looks great, this is generally the thematic color of all presented Galaxy. Only in the bronze version – matte, the rest are glossy. All are covered with the latest Gorilla Glass 7 , announced a week ago as Victus. Corning swears the glass can withstand a 2m drop. Not tested, but itchy hands.

The Galaxy Note20 has undergone big changes. The camera block has grown, the back of the smartphone has lost its glass (it was in Note10). Now it’s matte plastic . The feeling of premium and elitism has disappeared, but it has become more practical, and the battery has grown by as much as a quarter. Three colors, all “smoky”: graphite, bronze and very pleasant mint . This time, they did without the vulgar (albeit damn juicy) red model. Calm tones are in fashion.

The display diagonal has grown from 6.3 to 6.7 inches . The title of the compact business smartphone Note20 has lost. The colossal Galaxy Note20 Ultra spins out an entire 6.9 inches to match the Galaxy S20 Ultra. Although due to zero frames and sloping (but not “waterfall”!) Edges, it holds firmly in the hand, does not run away.

Both have a cutout for the front camera in the center a la bindi for Hindus, an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner under the display. Face unlocking works, but no revelations like IR illumination happened. Everything is familiar from Note10 +.

The stylus slot moved to the left, the volume and lock buttons to the right. Welcome back, family, we’ve been waiting for you. So comfortable and familiar. Both smartphones are not afraid of water and dust (IP68), but they are afraid of wired headphones: the audio jack disappeared in the Galaxy Note10. Although Samsung has no problems with this: for example, the new Galaxy Buds Live bean headphones came out.

120Hz Display in Ultra only, and with New Restrictions:

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra Review unveiled its best display alongside the Galaxy S20 lineup. Dynamic AMOLED 2X matrix with stunning color and brightness, 120Hz refresh rate, Quad HD resolution. It would seem, what could go wrong in the Galaxy Note? But something has gone.

First, none of this is present in the Galaxy Note20 . Either for the sake of economy, or for the sake of differentiating models (or all at once), the newfangled Dynamic AMOLED was replaced with Super AMOLED Plus (known for 10 years) and the frequency was 60 Hz, and the resolution was Full HD +. As in the mid-range Galaxy S10 Lite and A71. The screen is still good, but you can’t call it flagship.

All the “juice” went to Galaxy Note20 Ultra. The animations are perfectly smooth thanks to 120Hz , and the sensor responds at 240Hz. DCI-P3 color gamut, HDR10 + support – we don’t agree to less. The peak brightness is up 25% over the Note10 +. Resolution – Optimum: Quad HD. Just a song.

However, 120Hz still only works with Full HD, and now you cannot manually change the hertz . Samsung has left either the 60 Hz option or the adaptive frequency: the smartphone turns on the maximum 120 Hz when it sees fit. Unnecessary restrictions or user care? Let’s find out in the full review.

Possibly the Best Camera in Samsung History:

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra Review Without the 100x zoom, depth sensor and 48MP telephoto sensor like the Galaxy S20 Ultra? Everything is correct. With the Galaxy Note20 Ultra, the company has focused on speed and quality. And that’s why it’s good.

Time. The 100x zoom attracts buyers well, but in fact, this kind of zoom turns out to be a mess. The Note20 Ultra has 5x optical zoom, digital zoom up to 50x . It’s enough.

Two. The optics in the laptop are lighter: f / 3.0 versus f / 3.5 in the Galaxy S20 Ultra. In the dark, there is a chance to take a quality photo. 12 large megapixels versus 48 megapixels should also give an increase in light sensitivity. In the S20 Ultra, pixel binning was artificially done.

Three. Laser autofocus solves the focusing issue of the Galaxy S20 Ultra. The laser replaced the depth sensor: blurring in portraits will suffer (and that is not a fact), but now the Galaxy Note20 Ultra “clings” to objects, like Norwegian biathletes to a pedestal. That is, always and quickly.

For six months, they had to improve the software, tighten the processing algorithms, and unleash the potential of the 108-megapixel sensor . “Ultra-wide” is familiar from the S20 line: 12 Mp sensor, f / 2.2 optics, night mode.

The Galaxy Note20 camera repeats the set of the Galaxy S20: the aforementioned ultra-wide, 12 megapixel main module and 3x zoom . In quotes – because there is no optical approximation, the increase is only due to the crop from the 64-megapixel sensor. There is no laser autofocus, but the main sensor is not required here.

Both flagships are capable of shooting 8K video at 24 fps. Now only a few smartphones are capable of this. Samsung at least has its own 8K panels – it makes sense in frenzied resolution. The new products have added a shooting mode 21: 9, sound recording through the microphones of the Galaxy Buds Live headphones and smooth video zoom . Remembering the gorgeous stabilization and getting one of the best smartphones for filmmakers.

The resolution of the front camera is 10 Mp (f / 2.2), there is autofocus. The same module is found in all Galaxy Note10 and Galaxy S20. Except for the S20 Ultra: there is 40 megapixels.

Batteries have Grown, But in Different Ways:

The Galaxy Note20 Ultra’s battery has grown from 4300mAh to 4500mAh over the Note10 +. But the younger Galaxy Note20 was immediately pulled up by 23% – up to 4300 mAh . Standard screen 60 Hz and the resolution should equalize FullHD + survivability champions: forward or working day 6 – 7 hours of active screen.

Both support fast charging, a 25 W adapter is included in the kit, with it 50% runs up in half an hour . Surprisingly, the older model cannot charge at 45W, while the Galaxy S20 Ultra can. Although earlier we found out that the overpayment for a powerful adapter is not worth it: only the first 50% runs a little faster, then parity.

The wireless charging power has stopped at 15W, although the Xiaomi Mi 10 and OnePlus 8 Pro already offer 30W, while the OPPO Ace 2 and Huawei P40 Pro + all 40W. Reversible wireless charging – 9W, suitable for powering TWS earphones and Samsung watches.

The Best Hardware for Both without Overpaying for 5G:

Samsung Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra run on an eight-core Exynos 990 processor, with which smartphones will be sold in Asia, including Pakistan. Snapdragon 865 will go to residents of the United States and China. We were not told whether Samsung had optimized the Exinos. We will check energy efficiency and throttling in the review.

We complained about the meagre 128GB of storage in the S20 Ultra, and it seems that we heard: now the base memory is 8GB of RAM and 256 of storage. The Galaxy Note line has always featured increased storage. The latest type of memory: RAM – LPDDR5, ROM – UFS 3.1.

The top Galaxy Note20 Ultra also received a 12/512 GB version. Taking into account the support of microSD memory cards with a capacity of up to 1 TB, we get 1.5 TB storage. Useful for the heaviest 8K videos and tons of work files. But the Galaxy Note20 did not receive a card slot, the story is repeated with the Galaxy Note10.

Important: models with 8/256 GB are equipped with LTE modems , that is, smartphones do not support 5G networks. Are you upset? If it lowers the final price, neither will we.

In terms of interfaces, Samsung is always ahead of the rest: USB 3.2, Bluetooth 5, Wi-Fi 6 (these are all the latest generation standards), Samsung Pay with support for NFC and MST technologies. The flagships run on Android 10 with One UI 2.5.

Accelerated S Pen and Pocket PC Features:

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra Review. What’s the most important thing about any Galaxy Note? Pen, or stylus S Pen. Last year, a six-axis sensor appeared, with it – gesture control. We spin the passes in the air like Harry Potter with a magic wand – the smartphone flips through the photos in the Gallery, switches slides and performs other Muggle routine.

This year, the responsiveness was accelerated: the Galaxy Note20 – by 40%, in the Note20 Ultra – by 80%, thanks to the display with a sensor frequency of 240 Hz. Touches are instantly reflected on the screen, which is important, for example, for artists. You can now write handwritten notes in PDFs, images, and texts, and add audio bookmarks in Samsung Notes . The case when the audio messages do not enrage, but help.

The focus was on integration with Microsoft 365 and Windows. For example, you can connect your Galaxy Note20 to your Windows 10 computer, open the mobile app, and transfer files from your PC to your smartphone. The feature is called “Link to Windows” . Later this year, it will be possible to launch multiple applications, at the same time will add automatic synchronization of notes from Samsung Notes with the Outlook ribbon. The functions will “arrive” with updates.

Something similar has already been implemented by Huawei and Apple in their ecosystems, but now we are observing the close friendship of the two techno giants. It will be interesting.

Yeh Price Opinion:

The presented new items will go on sale on August 21:

  • provides you with the Official Price of Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is Rs. 219,999.00, and the Whole Sale Price is Rs. 214,999.00.
  • provides you with the Official Price of Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is Rs. 179,999.00., and the Whole Sale Price is Rs. 176,999.00.

The difference between the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lineup is blurring more and more. The Note used to showcase Samsung’s innovations, but this year the S20 Ultra got the laurels. But the Galaxy Note is, first and foremost, a story about the S Pen and unique features for work. The line has no analogs. Who needs a stylus will take one of the Galaxy Note20. Who doesn’t need – here is a scattering of the Galaxy S20? It’s simple.

Which “laptop” to choose is a more difficult task. The Galaxy Note20 Ultra offers it all and is the ultimate smartphone with the best features. I am glad that the autofocus was repaired, given 256 GB of memory and a version without an idle 5G modem. There are a lot of changes compared to the Galaxy Note10 +, everything is for the better (but it’s time to speed up charging). Therefore, the name is Ultra, and not an obvious “plus”.

But Galaxy Note20 exchanged a glass case for a plastic one, lost optical zoom and a Dynamic AMOLED display, and in general with a 60 Hz screen in 2020 looks strange. A large battery is almost the only good reason to choose this over the compact Galaxy Note10, which still looks like a good fellow. Although a small increase in performance, cameras and new software for someone may be a reason to buy/upgrade.

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