Samsung (Q6F) 55” LED TV

Samsung (Q6F) 55” LED TV Price in Pakistan

Samsung (Q6F) 55” LED TV Price in Pakistan (Rs: 1,70,000/-)


It has billions of shades of natural colors. The Boundless 360 design make sure three sides Bexel-less screen. When you can be watching the movie on this TV you can fall into a beauty of curve screen display. Its back was design with a multi-mount solution it can easily attach with any wall mounting stand. Then QHDR Elite can deliver a wide range of brightness. Q Colors can be providing billions of colors on the screen that shows natural colors in the picture. Q Contrast can make show the hidden details of the picture in dark scenes. When you cannot use the TV set it can change the screen into a beautiful HD wallpaper that can improve your home interior.

Samsung is the best wifi LED TV. This TV set also offers you to share the content sync. Its notify feature can show notifications on the screen of the TV. See some major features that are mention below.

Q Color:

You can change the thinking about the TV set because Samsung QLED discovers a world of colors. Its wide color range can provide ultra-high quality pictures. When you use this LED TV and see the real world then you never used the old TVs.

Q Contrast:

The QLED TV can provide bolder contrast with more depth and also it delivers phenomenal viewing pictures. When you can be watching a movie on this LED TV you can memorize the colors of nature and also every scene of the picture.

Curved Screen:

The Curved screen can provide a greater range of viewing angles. A curved screen can deliver a beautifully phenomenal view. It reduces the frame edge distortions and shows a wide-range display. You can enjoy playing high-quality games on the curve screen.

HDR 10+:

HDR 10+ is an advanced HDR technology. It can play a major role in picture quality. It makes the optimized colors, contrast, and also details of the picture.

Q HDR Elite:

QHDR Elite has a wider range of brightness with HDR10+. When you can be watching the movies on TV set you can be enjoying the picture from a professional eye. It provides more brightness in a dark scene.

Long Life Span:

Its display did not burn out with time because it was making with Quantum Dots technology. Also, you can see the amazing colors of the picture it will stay at the same time ever.

Q Engine:

Q engine is a more powerful picture engine that can deliver a perfect view of the picture. The Q Engine is faster it analyzes the content and gives you highly optimal picture quality.


QLED is the latest model of the next innovation. The company can use Quantum Dot technology that can deliver natural color perfection. This LED TV was made with innovative alloy material.

Clean & Cable:

It can keep and clean all messy cables and wire in the back of the TV set. Its sleek design can provide all the cable hid. The clean cable solution can neatly connect the cables and wires.

Ambient Mode:

Ambien mode can deliver you information, décor and much more see this below.


It automatically changes the backgrounds that are perfect with your environment. It gives your living room dashing colors.


You can get the information on a daily basis such as weather, the temperature of this city, and also headlines on speckle background.


Connect your cell phone and change the backgrounds of TV set into your favorite choice. Also enjoy your memories.


Connect your cell phone into the TV set and play light music in a slow voice also depends on your choice and enjoy background music.

Smart TV Menu:

It has a smart menu bar on the bottom of the screen that has all of your favorite content. You just press the button of your remote. The quick menu is listed at the bottom of the screen. This menu bar has lots of content; it shows you quickly and smothers to your content and apps. It was remembering your search history you did not need to search your favorite content always. Samsung Smart LED TV can show you newly exciting kids’ content. Smart LED TV can update automatically to new feature content.

It can provide you easy to use the TV set with faster and lots of fun. It can carry all of your favorite content at your fingertips. The Samsung LED TV processor can be working on multiple tasks and display quickly to your content.

Smart Hub:

One Depth gathers are showing on the screen, and it has a variety of content. It can make your entertainment faster, more comfortable, and intelligently. It also provides you access to different content providers with thumbnail previews before clicking. You can quickly access all content sources of LED TV.


It has built-in WIFI you can connect you smart LED TV to the internet without a twist of cables. You can enjoy the internet in a TV set without cable that can increase your home’s inner beauty.


You can get your mobile notifications on your LED TV. Also, you can get the status updates from your home smart devices, calendar reminders. When your favorite content is on it will show you notifications.

HDMI Input:

You can create your entertainment through HDMI. This LED TV can support the HDMI input you can be enjoying multimedia entertainment in your home. 

Plug your Entertainment:

You contact USB and HDD into the LED TV and enjoy its media files like movies, music, and pictures on a large screen. You can play 4K UHD resolutions videos on this TV set. It can support HD videos.

One Connect:

When you can mount the TV set on the wall, the One Connect provides you to connect one wire on TV. It can clean the area of TV from cables. You connect the device’s cables in this one connect.

Smart Things:

Samsung LED TV works on smart things you just connect your devices and control form LED TV screen. it has the ability to connect lots of devices and sensors. You can control the smart lights of your home, smart fridge, and also run a smart vacuum cleaner. This LED TV has a whole new World.


Micro DimmingUHD Dimming
Ultra Clear PanelUltra Clear Pro
Bezel Type3 Bezel-less
Motion Rate200
Picture EngineQ Engine
Digital Clean ViewYES
DesignSlim Design
Eco SensorYES
Power Supply100-220/50Hz
Sports ModeAdvanced
Dimensions with Stand W x H x D (mm)1673.8 x 1048.3 x 359.1 mm
Package Size (WxHxD)1861 x 1120 x 220 mm
Set Size without Stand (WxHxD)1673.8 x 964.1 x 57.6 mm
Remote Controller ModelTM1780A
AccessibilityEnlarge / High contrast
ContrastQ Contrast
Samsung SMART TVYes
Sound Output40W
3D SoundYES
Speaker Type2.1CH
Web BrowserYES
Analog Clean ViewYES
HDMI Ports4
Component InYES

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