Sinbo (SCM-2926) Coffee Maker


Rs. 10,500/- (1 Year Local)

Sinbo SCM-2926

Product description

Are you looking for Sinbo (SCM-2926) Espresso Coffee Maker’s latest price in Pakistan? Sinbo SCM 2926 a great choice for anyone who truly loves coffee.Here we were telling you about the great coffee grander that available in the market. Sinbo well-known brand available in the market with its powerful 15 bar pump you will get a rich, deep flavor drink. This kitchen appliance helps you to make coffee for your loved ones. With its powerful 15 bar pump, you will get a rich, deep flavor drink. 1.25L transparent tank can help you make coffee for 4 to 5 people easily in one time and also see what you make with the help of a transparent body. High-quality frothing function which helps you to prepare delicious cappuccino coffee. With overheating and overpressure protected device system, safe and reliable. Elegant design with stainless decoration

Pros and Cons

Product those have advantages rather than disadvantages are productive and long-lasting. Sinbo SCM 2926 a great product that has great features that make this product different from others available in the market. Mechanical switch modes with coffee, steam, and Standby with pre-heating. Spoon and filters in the set. And many more which we discussed before. Our humble request for you to see more detail about this product on sinbo office website.


Here below some of the key features of the product listed below read carefully if the meet your demand than buy this beauty.


  • Pump can provide 15bar powerful pressure for rich taste
  • Thermo block fast heating system to ensure the precise temperature and instant steam
  • 1.25L large detachable transparent water tank with closing lid
  • 2-cup or ESE pod dual-stainless steel filter with patent design to make perfect cream
  • Can make coffee with coffee pod or ground coffee
  • With high pressure frothing function for making cappuccino
  • Power switch with indicator light
  • Convenient control knob, with features of making coffee, steam and preheating standby
  • Elegant design with stainless decoration
  • With PCB electronic control to ensure the temperatures of water and steam more accurate
  • Anti-drip structure
  • With overheating and overpressure protected device, safe and reliable
  • Detachable frothing nozzle and drip tray for easy cleaning
  • Warming metallic plate for coffee cups pre-heating
  • Accessories: Coffee spoon, 2-cup stainless steel filter, Ese pod stainless steel filter

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