TCL Presents its Tablets Alcatel 3T and 1T and Tkee Mini

TCL Tablets Alcatel 3T and 1T and Tkee Mini

TCL Tablets Alcatel 3T and 1T and Tkee Mini

TCL has launched the market for the Christmas campaign presenting its new range of Alcatel tablets. Which will be available in our country providing both the company’s technological quality and its affordable prices. A tablet can be a very useful gift for all those users who seek to increase their efficiency and the mobility offered by their electronic devices. Making it possible to work in any environment without having to carry heavy laptops and being able to access from anywhere. That is why TCL has decided to present the new Alcatel 3T 10, Alcatel 1T 10, and Alcatel Tkee Mini.

TCL Tablets Alcatel 3T and 1T and Tkee Mini, Alcatel is a technology company that is part of TCL and has decided to present its new line of tablets for the Christmas campaign to offer new possibilities. When it comes to making gifts, as is customary on this holiday. These new devices are “the perfect option” according to the company itself. For this winter, given that the great variety of them can be adapted to the needs of each user, from the new Alcatel 3T and 1T 10. For those who seek to enjoy the most advanced entertainment and audiovisual content with the best quality. Even the youngest of the house has a more colorful option adapted for children, the Alcatel Tkee Mini.

Alcatel 3T and 1T 10

The new Alcatel 1T 10 tablet is the perfect device to increase work efficiency and escape from it while enjoying the favorite multimedia content of its users. Cinema becomes commonplace in this new tablet thanks to its higher image quality obtained by its 10-inch widescreen, which offers a much wider vision. Besides that, it has multiple functions with which to facilitate any task; Thanks to the Google Assistant, which is controlled by voice, this new device can help you to carry out any type of activity more easily and efficiently, either at work or during studies, so it ensures a greater amount of free time.

If we talk instead of the new Alcatel 3T 10, it is a tablet with improved functions. Such as the brightness of its images. This has increased and which can enjoy with better quality than ever thanks to its HD screen of 10 inches wide. This screen offers a unique model of eye protection that reduces blue light and relieves eye strain. On the other hand, it is also a perfect device to carry out all kinds of day-to-day tasks. Thanks to its 5,500 mAh battery, it has impressive autonomy. As well as being able to become a ‘Power Bank’ with which to charge other your devices through the tablet itself. In addition to that, it includes 32 GB of internal storage, expandable up to 256 GB.

Alcatel Tkee Mini

If what you are looking for is the ideal gift for the little ones in the house, the new Alcatel Tkee Mini is most likely one of your options to choose from, since it is the simplest and most practical method for the little ones to learn. while playing and using technology. This new device offers a 7-inch wide HD IPS screen, so it resembles a large mobile but is able to protect the eyes of children by reducing exposure to blue light. Since it is a device designed for young people, it includes a protective case that prevents damage and ensures the possibility of establishing a parental control that supports usage controls and the viewing of history.

Price and Availability

Alcatel 1T 10 is available with 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of ROM for $130/Rs.20000 or 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of ROM for $154/Rs.24000.

For its part, the new Alcatel 3T 10 will be available in January for $224/Rs.35000, while the Alcatel Tkee Mini is already available for $118/Rs.18500.

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