TCL LED TV provides to customer’s minutest details with different level depth like you can never see before. In this QLED TV TCL offer next level generation AI 8K Processor with an amazing 8K entertainment experience with Dolby vision and built-in HDR+.

This TV set has extraordinary brightness, colors, and contrast on the display screen. you cannot see this kind of picture before.

TCL this LED TV series AI Algorithm can give you more sharpness, colors that can upgrade your picture and sound performance. Its certified IMAX Enhanced display can provide the cinema-quality and immersive powerful sound. The passive radiator allows you without any additional amplifier power to the resonant and obtains the deep bass effect.

TCL this QLED TV set has a built-in Pop-Up camera that can allow you to communicate with social media video calling with your friends and family also you can attend the video call meeting (Stay Home Stay Life).

In this Samsung QLED series, it provides the next level of display picture quality. It’s Quantum Dot technology has billions of color shades with accurate color tone. The Dual LED shows every scene with the right tone of colors. This LED TV was powered by Quantum HDR that can change the contrast in every scene. The company can introduce the latest Quantum Processor Lite that can perform the task quickly and shows results.

You can perform your official work on this TV, just mirror your mobile and other devices screen without any cable. Its frame was three side boundless that can make your home beautiful and also provide a full-screen display.

The tap view provides to connect your smartphones. This LED TV set automatically senses also tap the screen and view mobile music. It is easy to switch your TV set to a mobile phone and enjoys your content.

It was provided to users at the same time two different tap screens. You can watch your TV program in one tap and on the other you can see your laptop or mobile screen. Basically, this TV can split the screen into two screens at the same time.

The Multiple Voice Assistants can offer you everything at your fingertips. You just talk with TV and record the voice it was understood quickly and perform the task.

Smart Things Dashboard can make you’re your home smart. This LED TV linked with many sensors and devices like refrigerators, lights, and much more. It was a new world.


Stunning 8K Picture:

This Feature of the TV set can show your content approximately 33 million pixels more than 4K. It is 400% more than 4K LED TV. This LED TV delivers a real 8K picture with picture upscaling, a powerful processor, the latest DMI ports, and 8K hardware. It can make every pixel count leading the display no matter the content.


A Quantum Leap in Display, this LED TV has a billion of Quantum Dot nanocrystals. This TCL series has layers of Quantum Dots that can filter the content, also enhancing the image quality.

8K Association Certified:

It is certified by 8K Association. TCL Company can have delivered the leading display and maintain the standards.

8K Upscaling:

This feature can automatically detect the environment and upscaling the non 8K content traditional. It is upgrading the audio with a well sound more acute than ever.

Powered by IMAX enhanced certified, it can be working on high standards set by IMAX. You can enjoy the comfort of your living room. It provides HD picture quality, contrast, wide colors, clarity with immersive powerful sound.

Built-in Camera:

You can enjoy the best video calling experience on a large screen through this TV set. Just log in to the account in your social media account.

HDR 10+:

This TV set can make zero compromises to allow content it provides full metadata for TV and also increase the gaming processing. It can optimize the picture frame by frame als0 boosting the color saturation.


MEMC stands for Motion enhancement and Motion Control, this feature can make picture smoother multimedia and TV signal. WITH the TCL’s software algorithm, you can see every scene while moving the fast scene, it can have packed the content.

IPQ Engine:

In the IPQ feature, it was improving the display effects. It was dynamically improving the display of the TV sets. The IPQ can make better HDR on the low light display. It can make the picture into more layered and also you see the content richer.

8K Processor:

It was a next level generation 8K AI processor that can optimize the pure processing pleasure. This processor can decode the TV picture into 8K signals and also upscale the other sources to 8K. You can enjoy movies and entertainment programs in 8K and also play games.

Android OS:

This TV set has a built-in latest operating system. Enjoy music, TV, movies, and Games in 8K quality display. Also, you can download your favorite apps through the Google Play store. This operating system can offer you to update the firmware of your TV set with the passage of time.


In this TCL QLED TV series company can provide Integrated ONKYO Sound Bar you can enjoy a cinema audio experience at your beautiful house. ONKYO is a Japanese company, it can make the world’s best sound systems. In this TV set, ONKYO can use Premium Aesthetics with cutting-Edge audio. This sound system can deliver wonderful audio with deeper bass with the help of 4 passive radiators and 4 Speakers. It is fit for 1st class entertainment with a premium listening experience.

Dolby Atmos:

This feature can change the traditional sound into 3D audio sound. Dolby Atmos can make sure the sound is FIT for your content.


You can control your home equipment remotely through this TV set. Just connect your smart equipment like robot vacuum, lights, reformatory, and much more. It can connect multiple devices at the same time.

Magi connect:

Magi connect can allow you to operate your TV set through your smartphone. It can offer you to capture the moment of TV programs and also it offers you to share this on social media. You can cast the mobile screen on a large screen. Cast the movies and music on your TV set and enjoy unlimited entertainment.

8K Transmission:

This TV set has the latest HDMI 2.1 ports that can support full 8K resolutions with a higher data transmission capacity of up to 60 frames per second. See movies in full 8K resolutions with the combination of superior audio processing.

Dual LED:

This feature can be providing the real tone of colors in every scene by using dual-LED backlighting technology and also adjust the colors. It modifies and displays real colors.

Active Voice Amplifier(AVA):

An unexpected noise in the voice cab disturbing but the Samsung TV can resolve this issue. It was providing the real voice without any delay and also catch every word of the displaying content. You can be watching the best experience without losing the voice of the content.

Quantum HDR:

Bright out the contrast and details of the picture by Quantum HDR. You can experience the full power of your content. After the leading standards, the dynamic tone of the picture mapping of HDR10+ makes deeper blacks with a more vibrant picture and also details that shine through.

Ambient Mode Plus:

Blinding into the walls of your living room and watch the TV vanish. In Ambient Mode+ your TV is ready to pull and push needful information and entertain whenever you need this. It was always fitting in your living room with having the content floats on the translucent display screen.

Smart TV Menu:

It has a smart menu bar on the bottom of the screen that has all of your favorite content. You just press the button of your remote. The quick menu is listed at the bottom of the screen. This menu bar has lots of content; it shows you quickly and smothers to your content and apps. It was remembering your search history you did not need to search your favorite content always. Samsung Smart LED TV can show you newly exciting kids’ content. Smart LED TV can update automatically to new feature content.

It can provide you easy to use the TV set with faster and lots of fun. It can carry all of your favorite content at your fingertips. The Samsung LED TV processor can be working on multiple tasks and display quickly to your content.

Smart Hub:

One Depth gathers are showing on the screen, and it has a variety of content. It can make your entertainment faster, more comfortable, and intelligently. It also provides you access to different content providers with thumbnail previews before clicking. You can quickly access all content sources of LED TV.

Quantum Dot:

Quantum Dot technology has one 10 millions of accurate colors tone. It delivers the fine picture ever also color volume was 100%. It’s taking light and turn it into the breathtaking colors.

Game Enhancer:

Without ever having to make an adapting experience enhanced gaming. It reduces halo and blur in fast-moving games with extra motion clarity. Even in the dark scene of the games, it provides a clear picture with the best syncs sound. It also reduces tearing and stuttering.

Background Settings:

QLED allows you to set the photo pf your wall, you can easily set the picture on your LED TV. this feature can excellent blend for your home décor.

Multi View:

You can watch different content on the same screen. The multi-view feature can split the TV screen into the two different screens. One side shows the TV programs and the second screen is showing your cell phone screen. it means at the same time you can watch a TV program and using your cell phone on the large screen.

Long Life Span:

Its display did not burn out with time because it was making with Quantum Dots technology. Also, you can see the amazing colors of the picture it will stay at the same time ever.

Clean & Cable:

It can keep and clean all messy cables and wire in the back of the TV set. Its sleek design can provide all the cable hid. The clean cable solution can neatly connect the cables and wires.

One Connect:

When you can mount the TV set on the wall, the One Connect provides you to connect one wire on TV. It can clean the area of TV from cables. You connect the device’s cables in this one connect.

Smart Things:

Samsung LED TV works on smart things you just connect your devices and control form LED TV screen. it has the ability to connect lots of devices and sensors. You can control the smart lights of your home, smart fridge, and also run a smart vacuum cleaner. This LED TV has a whole new World.


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