Upcoming Mobiles in 2020-2021

Upcoming Mobiles in 2020-2021


Upcoming Mobiles, In the field of information technology, the problem of “chicken and eggs” is quite acute. You can understand it using the example of TVs. For instance, when 4K TVs began to hit the market, it was challenging to find content for them.

The situation in the smartphone market is now similar. Manufacturers are announcing their new products supporting fifth-generation networks, but operators are not keeping up with them. The whole problem is that Samsung, Xiaomi and Huawei have too much money, manufacturers are investing in the technologies of the future.

Upcoming Mobiles In 2020, we should expect the emergence of 5G not only in flagship devices but also in some budget devices. Besides, there is another trend in 2020. In particular, manufacturers will move away from continually copying iPhone designs. More and more often, they will go to daring experiments.

Main Trends in the Mobile Device Market

Foldable Smartphones

Foldable Smartphones

Upcoming Mobiles, Every year the number of exciting tablets is getting smaller and smaller. Laptops are not dead; smartphone displays are growing in size. Because of this, tablets do not have a full-fledged niche; they cannot “take root” in the market. Only the iPad was successful.

Android tablets may disappear altogether in the coming years. As practice shows, the user will prefer a 6.5-inch smartphone over a tablet with a significantly larger screen. But some users need a two-in-one device. Folding smartphones will be produced, especially for them. The models from Huawei and Samsung have significant flaws that will not be in the versions coming out in 2020.

Wearable Smartphones

Many are tired of oversized devices. They are inconvenient to hold in hands; they do not fit well in ordinary pockets. Mobile smartphones may soon release that will compete with the Apple Watch. These will be comfortable models with flexible screens—a prime example of the ZTE Nubia Alpha.

That is Fully Charging in 20 Minutes

It is hardly worth waiting for a revolution in the field of mobile batteries. New technologies exist, but it takes a long time to test them, brings them to perfection. At the same time, the charging speed is continuously increasing.

Already there is a Super VOOC model from the Chinese Oppo, which comes with a mighty 50W adapter. It charges your smartphone in just 35 minutes. Manufacturers will improve this area. They will probably want to bring this figure to 15-20 minutes.

Custom form Factors

Upcoming Mobiles, Companies in 2019 have already shown sliders and devices with a sliding front camera. But the experiments with form factors will not end there. The main concept is to remove all unnecessary from the smartphone, only the screen should remain on the body. Everything you need can be hidden inside. This could be, for example, a projector.

High Power

High Power

Upcoming Mobiles, Many smartphone users assure that they do not need the most powerful processors and 10-12 GB of RAM. There are no apps that run poorly on last year’s flagships. Despite this, manufacturers are unlikely to want to give up on continuous performance improvements. Companies are well aware that high benchmark scores still attract users. This is a great marketing ploy.


Now manufacturers are measured against each other by the number of sensors. Modern devices are equipped with 3-4 cameras. This is quite enough. In the near future, smartphones will have a maximum of 3 modules (more simply spoils the design of the back panel). Companies will focus on software features and features.

Lack of Connectors

For the first time, Apple decided to abandon unnecessary holes on the case in the iPhone 7. It was in 2016. The industry is still struggling to adapt, and many users cannot get over the lack of a jack. But soon smartphones will lose their charging connectors. All due to the fact that manufacturers will use wireless technologies. What prevents you from abandoning wires right now? The companies have not yet managed to achieve high charging speeds, but this may change in 2020.

Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality

It is quite possible that the main software innovation will be the introduction of artificial intelligence functions. Upcoming Mobiles, They will help you more accurately select content. In addition, the device will be able to adjust the sound itself depending on the situation, send messages, connect to the network. All this will greatly simplify the life of users and make it more convenient.

Artificial intelligence will contribute to the development of voice services such as Siri and Google Assistant. Chatting with them will be more like talking to real people. In addition, services will be able to perform more functions. Maps will receive special development. You don’t have to look at the diagrams again. You just need to raise the camera to the street and fix it. The application will find out where you are and build a path.

Virtual reality will also receive additional development. True, it will be used mainly in the entertainment sector. Successful games are sure to appear.

New Items Coming in 2020

Samsung Galaxy S11 (S20)

Samsung Galaxy S11 (S20)

Upcoming Mobiles, The South Korean company unveiled its anniversary flagship smartphone (S10) in 2019. The device has the thinnest possible bezels around the display. At the same time, there are no “droplets” or “bangs.” Also, Samsung has added an in-screen fingerprint scanner to the model.

Next year, the company will certainly want to continue this line. It is no known what the new flagship will call. It may be S11. The company can relaunch the line, releasing, for example, the S20.

Every year, the difference between the S and Note lines becomes less noticeable. 2020 may be a watershed year – the company will present only one flagship. Also, the manufacturer may introduce the first smartphone without cutouts.

So far, Samsung hasn’t decided what its new flagship will be. If users positively accept the technology from the camera body that leaves them, they will use it. Now Samsung is actively monitoring Xiaomi and Huawei.

It can expect that it will be a versatile device in which the company uses a new design. It’s no secret that the design concept has remained mostly unchanged since the Galaxy S6. The company worked primarily on the thickness of the case and the bezels around the display.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

So far, the release of this model is in question. The company wants to wait for the first generation sales results. The main complaints are about the cost of the model. The manufacturer will have to do a lot of work to make the next version cheaper; it is necessary to optimize production.

Despite all the drawbacks, Samsung is often praising enough. That is because she introduces new technologies to the market; she is not afraid to experiment. Only Huawei has managed to present a similar foldable flagship smartphone, but it is sold only in the Chinese market. If Fold 2 comes out, it will indeed have an improved display. Both small and large.

Apple iPhone XIs

Apple iPhone XIs

Since 2017, the Cupertino-based company has been using a new naming. In 2018, the letter “S” was added to the Roman numeral again. There is a high probability that the company will decide to abandon the notch in the display in the new smartphone. The question remains what to do with the front camera and Face ID. Some analysts have said the company would ditch the technology and revert to a fingerprint scanner.

It remains only to wait for the company’s presentation in 2020. Other manufacturers may copy her way of getting rid of the cutout. The new Apple smartphones may support fifth-generation networks. Also, insiders confirm the development of the Siri voice assistant. It should recall that it has not developed for several years. Also, you can expect an improvement in the processor, an increase in operating time.

Apple iPhone F

Apple iPhone F

Upcoming Mobiles, Rumours that the American company would release a bendable smartphone surfaced back in 2018. Now they have subsided a little. But the likelihood that the model will be released in 2020 is high. Apple loves to surprise its fans.

The concept, which can found on the Internet, confirms that the Cupertinians will take the path of Samsung. Their smartphone will have two screens. The small one will be outside, and the large one will install inside. But Apple is going to get rid of the space between the halves. That will maximize the life of the device.

Huawei P40

Huawei P40

In recent years, the manufacturer has joined the leaders of the mobile industry. He is especially good at cameras. The Huawei P20 Pro has an incredibly high quality. After its release, none of the companies presented a worthy competitor (if you look at the DxOMark rating). A year later, the company introduced the P30 Pro. He got progressive shooting in the dark. The smartphone has a 5x optical zoom.

The company is unlikely to want to give its palm to competitors, so a breakthrough in the industry should certainly expect in 2020. The Chinese will want to develop the camera, supplement it with various exciting functions.

The model will be equipped with a processor to work with artificial intelligence. They will quickly cope with the processing of photos. The chip will be energy efficient. If you are waiting for the ultimate smartphone, then you should definitely look at the Huawei P40.

Xiaomi Mi 10 and Mi Mix 4S

Xiaomi Mi 10 and Mi Mix 4S

In 2020, the manufacturer will present its anniversary device. Xiaomi flagships have rarely had any standout features. The company has always used one concept. She is trying to replicate the functionality of top-end devices in her models. Moreover, they cost 2-3 times less.

But the manufacturer is not all that bad. He has a Mi Mix line that means to experiment. Previously, the company was committed to trying to maximize the display size of such models. In the slider Mi Mix 3S, the diagonal size was increased to the maximum. It is no known in which direction the company is going to develop. The company may want to experiment again.

Xiaomi Mi Fold

Xiaomi Mi Fold

The Chinese company strives to keep up with the industry’s top manufacturers. But Xiaomi certainly wants to surprise all tech lovers. It will show you a perfectly flat foldable display. This screen will have two folds. Because of this, the smartphone will most likely resemble an album.

Xiaomi Mi Fold, released in 2020, will cost significantly less than competitors from Samsung and Huawei. And Apple iPhone F will be several times more expensive. With this model, the manufacturer will certainly be able to make foldable smartphones mainstream. So far, there is no exact information about the device. But if it hits the shelves, it will become a real hit.

New From Motorola

Previously, the company belonged to the leaders of the mobile industry. But over time, she lost her former glory. Sales fell from year to year. Because of this, the smartphone division was sold to Chinese Lenovo.

In 2019, the company was experiencing difficulties again. At the end of 2019, a new clamshell Motorola Razr was present. It designs as a foldable screen. She has a small external display that shows service information and notifications. The company managed to keep the design features of the old clamshell.

But users were not disappointed by the highest specifications. It has an average processor and a small battery (the company motivates this with fast charging). But the networks of the fifth generation are supported.

The new Motorola Razr should expect in 2020. The manufacturer will take into account all the shortcomings of the previous model. As for the price, it is unlikely to change. The $1,500 price tag is fair for a foldable device. Samsung and Huawei models are significantly more expensive.


In 2020, the mobile device market will develop in line with existing trends. It is no exclude that there will be models with “chips” that no one knows about right now. So it was with the cameras leaving the display. The year before, no one suspected that they would gain popularity. But one thing is sure: 2020 will be much more interesting than this year.

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